Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

The normal Stuff

Some slightly more recent stuff, jei!!! Actually, its still from last year, but at least a little bit newer then the last posts.
While looking at this whole Drift- and Stance-Scene and just tuning in general nowadays, its actually pretty normal limousines and coupes being the center of attraction for a lot of the younger crowd (and me as well a bit). Cars like the original Toyota AE86 or the Nissan Silvia where quite affordable cars when being new and still wouldn't attract a lot of views on the street from a non-enthusiast-person.
So, I had some ideas about how a small and affordable bread-and-butter-limousine would look like if it would have been designed right from the beginning to attract these guys. As I am kind of bored from all these new supercars flooding the market and focusing myself on more overlooked and odd things lately, I threw in a good portion of weirdness as well.
It is also supposed to be quite practical, with a big trunk, fitting 4 persons properly, not having ridicously small windows, too big wheels or being enormously wide, just like a normal, cheap limousine. So, here are some first results:

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