Dienstag, 28. April 2015

Some Hot Rod Idea

Another old one: While looking at some motorcycles, especially the Ducati Monster with their nice exposed frame, I thought of a Car with having some kind of similar frame, also located above the engine, with everything else hanging from this structure. Might not make a whole lot of sense in terms of a low center of gravity and all, but I think it would look lightweight and cool. The bodywork is supposed to be like a shell, covering the car mostly from above, like funny-car-dragsters or similar stuff.
So, did a few scribbles and one quick sideview.
I do actually still like this idea and will hopefully take it a bit further in the future...

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Aurel hat gesagt…

I really like the concept of leaving blank spaces at the very bottom of the car where people would typically expect the most visual density. Cheers!