Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Samstag, 20. April 2013

small wheels good!! we need big greenhouses!!!

Jup, something new for the blog. I had no internet for a while because of moving into a new flat and i borrowed my wacom to a friend and because of that and a million other reasons there was nothing happening here at all. does anybody bother anyway?

Whatsoever, here are some sketches from last year about a little street car. As I had no wacom there are just some small scibbles done while watching a movie or stuff like this.
I really like the idea of using quite small wheels and big greenhouses and still do a nice looking car. as long as you can have a proper stance and good proportions i think the wheel size doesnt really matter. i mean, the stratos zero had like, what, 12inch wheels in the front or something like that, and its still one of the nicest cars of all time.
Just because nowadays cars are all so fatties with enormous bodysides, you need big wheels to make it look not completely out of proportions.

I was modelling a bit on this as well, on the screenshot you can see the size of that thing in comparison to a golf IV. its really small and cute,just look at it,oohhhh, how sweet it is with its friendly face :)