Mittwoch, 26. November 2008

webasto again

Webasto actually makes a new project with munich university.
I made some sketches for a small, friendly cabrio.
nothing special, but i liked some details and especially the headlights!

...and even more Audi !!

My finished scale model.
The colour is actually a Fiat 500 colour and its called Azurro casanova.
Yeah Baby!!!

More Audi...

I really love the rear sketch

History Lesson Part V: the 8th term

At 8th term we made a project with Audi. I got my wacom (jippie!!!) and tried some new rendering technics.

and even more of the Webasto madness!!

my scale model presented in geneva 2008, oh yeah!!!

History lesson Part IV: the 7th Term

At the 7th term I made a projekt with Webasto. We had to do the design phase in about 4 weeks, then a professional clay modeller (thanks, Dirk!) build our cars. I still like the sketches a lot, was a nice projekt.

History Lesson part III: 6th term

I made my intership at porsche design in austria at this term.
very cool design studio, very nice people!
Because i had nothing to show for my intership report,
I made this panamera sketch.
I never saw the original one until it was officially presented.

More Speedsterness!!!

My definitive Front and rearsketches.
Nice starlights, right? ;)
And I still like the interior a lot!!

History lesson Part II: 4th term

In 4th term i started my first real car design projekt, a Porsche Speedster.
At hte end of the 5th term i started with clay,
and the modell is still at work today.
After two years !!!
I definitely liked colourful renderings at that time.

my first photoshop ever!!!

after a few weeks, a friend showed me photoshop. a whole new world ;)

History Lesson Part I: 1st term

Here some work from my first term in munich. the renderings were made with windows paint, i dont even know taht photoshop exists at that time.oh yeah, the good ol' times!!!

Dienstag, 25. November 2008

24 hours of Design

here is my article for the autozeitung design trophy. actually, i started just 2 days before deadline, so i worked ca. 20 hours for it. thats all.

Montag, 11. August 2008

Something new

A new Car sketch ....
nothing special, just to test some new render-style-
Oh, and to keep blogbattle alive!!!

Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008

oldskool stuff

Hab heut beim Umzugs-Aufräumen einige alte Sketches gefunden.
Der Hot rod müsst so von ende 2005 bis anfang 2006 entstanden sein.
korrektur: der sketch is von 2004. steht auch bei der unterschrift, hätt ich ja mal drauf kommen können...

Samstag, 12. Juli 2008


hab ich ja leider keine zeit für gehabt, deshalb hier einfach mal ein paar Skizzen zum Thema MINI-Van

test test

muss noch ma wat layout-technisches klarmachen...
musste herausfinden, wie man text unter dem bild statt daneben anordnet, geht aber irgendwie nich.
Naja, hier is halt n fetter hotrod mit freiliegenden, überdimensionierten Turboladern, Yeah!!!

böse böse

mein Audi mit den neuen Scheinwerfern!

und jetzt mal wat aktuelleres!

bertone bat is schon sehr inspirierend!

jetzt ein bild

Tataaaa!!!!!!!!!! hier ein Tata.

ab gehts!

so mal probiern,wies funktioniert hier...