Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Fictional classic Bimma

wing attack!!!

This are some sketches I did for this front-wing-thing I showed here like a year ago. They are not only Ideation Sketches for the final design, more like random tries for some crazy wing-monsters.

Some of them are already a year old, some I did a few month ago. I randomly worked on them, reworked them from time to time, and always wanted to render them a bit more nicely. But I only did this last year with the two sketches from the last post.
As I will probably never render the rest, I just show them now like they are.
I quite like some of them, especially the one on top.
Maybe I'll create some more refined Designs out of them, like I did with the Shooting brake.

Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012


This is a project I'm thinking of since quite a few years, but I barely did any nice-looking sketches for it, so i never showed anything yet. I always wanted to show most of my ideas as nice renderings, but never found the time. the whole projects is mostly only existing in my head and as little skribbles.

It's some kind of hot rod inspired by these cool vintage aircrafts with their frontends completely covered in small windows. i really like the look of these old vintage aircrafts (who doesn't?) and wanted to bring this look on some vintage hot rod, from the outside as from the inside.

of course, a car like this has to be driven from a proper engine, the russian 9 cylinder-radial engine medenejew M14.
I want to create an tubular space frame inspired by Buckminster fuller buildings for this with a lot of small connections and structures, but i dind't finished yet. So at the moment only some exterior renderings to show. I still have a lot of other rough sketches, ideas and some unfinished renderings from this for both exterior and interior, maybe I'll show some more here soon.