Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

The normal Stuff

Some slightly more recent stuff, jei!!! Actually, its still from last year, but at least a little bit newer then the last posts.
While looking at this whole Drift- and Stance-Scene and just tuning in general nowadays, its actually pretty normal limousines and coupes being the center of attraction for a lot of the younger crowd (and me as well a bit). Cars like the original Toyota AE86 or the Nissan Silvia where quite affordable cars when being new and still wouldn't attract a lot of views on the street from a non-enthusiast-person.
So, I had some ideas about how a small and affordable bread-and-butter-limousine would look like if it would have been designed right from the beginning to attract these guys. As I am kind of bored from all these new supercars flooding the market and focusing myself on more overlooked and odd things lately, I threw in a good portion of weirdness as well.
It is also supposed to be quite practical, with a big trunk, fitting 4 persons properly, not having ridicously small windows, too big wheels or being enormously wide, just like a normal, cheap limousine. So, here are some first results:

Dienstag, 28. April 2015

Some Hot Rod Idea

Another old one: While looking at some motorcycles, especially the Ducati Monster with their nice exposed frame, I thought of a Car with having some kind of similar frame, also located above the engine, with everything else hanging from this structure. Might not make a whole lot of sense in terms of a low center of gravity and all, but I think it would look lightweight and cool. The bodywork is supposed to be like a shell, covering the car mostly from above, like funny-car-dragsters or similar stuff.
So, did a few scribbles and one quick sideview.
I do actually still like this idea and will hopefully take it a bit further in the future...

Sonntag, 26. April 2015

stuff with wings - slightly updated

Hello out there. Still beeing kind of lazy with designing stuff in my freetime, some ideas floating around (like always) but somehow not motivated enough to bring them into nice sketchwork. So, to fill the hole, some older stuff again. Did this slightly more detailed renderings on one sketch from the wing-racecar-thingi from some time ago, always wanted to bring this project further, but somehow I've lost interest on it now. Also, not really happy with these sketches, but anyhow, here they are:


Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Small wheels good - also in 2015!

Did some work sometime last year (or was it even 2013?) on the little wheels/big greenhouse thinigi, and I'm quite happy with the result so far. The 3d-model is still very rough, main proportions and surfaces are there, but it would need a lot of time in finishing and stuff like this which will probably never happen.
Working on projects I mainly thought about years ago needs a lot of motivation, which I dont have very often. So I did a few renderings a while ago to show the design updates.
Also, some package/comparison-screenshots for size-relations. Any comments?

Montag, 26. Januar 2015

quick, quick,...

...a new post, at least one post per year. ahhh, dammit, too late. Anyway, here are some little sketches from sometime last year or so!