Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

wing attack!!!

This are some sketches I did for this front-wing-thing I showed here like a year ago. They are not only Ideation Sketches for the final design, more like random tries for some crazy wing-monsters.

Some of them are already a year old, some I did a few month ago. I randomly worked on them, reworked them from time to time, and always wanted to render them a bit more nicely. But I only did this last year with the two sketches from the last post.
As I will probably never render the rest, I just show them now like they are.
I quite like some of them, especially the one on top.
Maybe I'll create some more refined Designs out of them, like I did with the Shooting brake.


Mel hat gesagt…

Wow really nice designs. Great to see you got round to posting them!

Alex hat gesagt…

Interesting surfaces.