Sonntag, 13. März 2011

Lambos again

Not posted for a long time. Not so much time for free sketches at the moment because of my new job. But I worked on some freetime projects from time to time, so there's a bit to show in the next days. more will follow soon.

If you've the possibility to visit the audi design forum in Ingolstadt in the next few month, there is a very interesting exhibition about Lambo-Concepts at the moment. Our Lambo-models we made in 2009 at munich univiersity are also presented there.
Drive by and take a look if you have some time.
So, here is a rear view from the 3-Lambo-sketch I did a year ago, which is nearly finished. only the background isnt done at the moment...


Glenn Woodfin hat gesagt…

Nice post! I love Lambo-Concepts, keep it up!
Glen Woodfin

San Diego Mobile Notary hat gesagt…

Love the green Lambo!
San Diego Mobile Notary