Montag, 27. September 2010

Here it is... the MINI Core!!!

Okay, here is my Degree project I made for MINI Design. Its called the MINI Core and is a possible successor for the current MINI R56. the Concept should be really productible, so its based exactely on a realistic package (the current one). even the number plate sits on the required position! Well, there was quite a lot of concept stuff behind this and every part of the design can be explained, but I am not in the mood for explaining a lot, especially in english.


Mel メール hat gesagt…

This looks great! I really did enjoy viewing your ideation sketches.

Jonathan Russell hat gesagt…

Really awesome

stonez hat gesagt…

hey, thanks a lot, guys. yeah, i'm quite happy with the result, too.

Anonym hat gesagt…

servus nils,

das ergebnis sieht fantastisch aus, gefällt mir sehr gut.


Ivan Lipkov hat gesagt…

Astonishing proportions!
Great job !